Dallas Upholstery Cleaning

By keeping your upholstery clean, you are also extending the life and value of your furniture and also providing a healthier environment. Normally the main reason for cleaning your furniture is to improve appearance but also health is another important reason. Upholstery dirt is much different that dirt on your carpet or rugs. Upholstery cleaning deals with body oils, dander, makeup, hairspray, sweat and other fluids. Also pet hair and animal fluids work their way into furniture fabric.


Furniture Cleaning


No matter what type of fabric is chosen for your furniture, it will require upholstery cleaning to keep it looking as new as possible. Maintain your upholstered furniture’s appearance by having it professionally cleaned regularly. Micofiber upholstery is quickly becoming more popular in today’s society because it is soft, lightweight, and easy to care for. Our technicians use all the proper steps to get your upholstery clean and fresh and we assure you that every one of our customers will receive top quality service by each technician.