Carpet Cleaning by DFW Steam Cleaning

While carpet may appear clean on the surface, periodic professional cleaning can remove what you can’t see and help retain its beautiful original appearance. Another reason carpet and rug cleaning is recommended is to also control the significant health problems linked to dust allergies. Dust mites feed off of microscopic fragments of human skin cells as well as bacteria. Because a person sheds around 50 million skin cells a day, dust mites can have an abundant food supply available in dirty carpet.


We Clean with Steam


Our steam cleaning process allows us to clean down to the base of carpets without ruining the subflooring but removing the deep down soil, bacteria and allergens. The most effective way to ensure that your carpets are completely clean is by using the hot water extraction cleaning method. We know and understand that carpeting is a major investment in any home and regular cleaning is necessary to keep it looking new.

** Please note drying time usually takes 1-2 hours for most carpets. Our technicians are fully trained in the use of all carpet cleaning techniques, cleaners and chemicals on both carpet and rugs.